Workshop: Skilled, prepared and polite
Objectives: to get to know oneself and others as well as one´s needs, to develop group connection, and to practice public presentation.
Workshop: To be one´s self and happy
Objectives: to raise awareness about the importance of group affiliation (what it means to be excluded from and accepted in the group), to develop group connection, cooperation, trust and tolerance and to learn what prejudices and stereotypes are and how to deal with them.

Trainer: Esmin Brodlija, psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist
Primary school „Omer Mušić“ Brežani (rural school „Čelikovina“Ričica)
Both workshops were held for the students of the combined lower grade classes as part of the project “Equal education opportunities”.
The project is financed by the federal Ministry of education and science
Partner in the project: Primary school “Omer Mušić” Brežani