OŠ „Omer Mušić“ Brežani, 11.12.2015.

Attendance: 19 parents

Trainer: Naila Obralija, Pedagogue

This activity illustrates gender differences referring to the issues of violence and is answer to lack of adequate information for young people regarding the true nature of inter-personal violence such as violence in relationship or bullying.

– to recognize different levels and types of safety worries in men, women, boys and girls
– to measure the gap between gender violence reality and information that young people get
– to identify specific ways in which work with young people can play the role in overbridging the gap

Participants exchanged ideas on the theme ´staying safe´. In other words, they exchanged information and experience about what they really do to avoid violence and stay safe. They were also encouraged to think about types of threats to their personal safety which they regularly face and to discuss them within small groups and in plenum.
Safety threats are different for men and women. The list of threats for women´s safety is longer and more detailed, which confirms the theory that violence against women is much more frequent.
The workshop was an opportunity to present legal solutions regarding gender equality as well as an opportunity to encourage parents to further research this theme and raise awareness of their children regarding gender equality.