Kakanj, 5/9/ 2015.

Let’s do it – let´s be cleaning the Earth for one day, an activity originally designated to tackle wild garbage disposal sites, somehow became in BiH the activity of cleaning all sorts of areas and removing garbage in general. We are still to tackle the problem of large wild disposal sites, which are quite numerous. The original idea was to map these sites and clean them. However, let´s leave this idea to ripen for a little while longer and greet all those who came out from their houses and spent several hours cleaning the environment at several locations in Kakanj. NGO „Alternative“ representatives helped the residents of the building M6 who have been independently cleaning the green areas surrounding their building for years. In good mood and with great enthusiasm of the youngest, who caused excitement with their engagement and knowledge of history, the area was cleaned between 6 buildings, new seedlings planted, flowers and grass watered, weeds removed etc. The children enjoyed it so much that they did not pay attention to people looking from behind curtains and grumbling how they would not clean somebody else´s garbage. The best statement or the statement of the day which actually speaks of dignity of each job is the one given by the boy Berin. As soon as he received the gloves, he excitedly said: “I always dreamed about becoming a garbage man.” For one day, we were honest and proud town cleaners.