Street action, 5.10.2017.

“We have the right to diversity” was written by children on the sidewalk on the occasion of marking the children´s week in Kakanj. After the children from NGO “Alternative” met Mr. Nermin Mandra, the Mayor fo Kakanj, and gave him their suggestions and ideas regarding children´s rights, we organized a street activity of writing messages on rights of children..
here is what children wrote on the sidewalks: “I have the right to family, I have the right to play, I like playing, I play games, I wish that my building is clean, I have the right to play volleyball, I want for children to have more fun like before; I have the right to live, I want that everyone´s right is respected, dream of happiness, enjoy the nature, I want that we have night skiing, we have the right to culture, the right to diversity, the right to childhood”, etc.