2 workshops, one for each of the two combined classes in the rural primary school “Ričica”
Workshop topic: Self-confidence – uncovering positive characteristics
Trainer: Esmin Brodlija
Ričica, 19.12.2017.
Project: “Equal education opportunities”, implemented by NGO “Alternative” Kakanj and financed by the federal Ministry of education and science.

I Activity – The rules
II Activity – First-person narration
The objective is to recognize one´s own qualities using a muster.
III Activity – Hands
the objective of the third task is to demonstrate to students the importance of having positive opinion about oneself in order to have self-confidence that is necessary for achieving life objectives.
IV Activity – List of characteristics
The objective of the fourth task is to recognize one´s own good and bad characteristics, with the accent being on the good ones.
V Activity – Praises