Workshops for the teachers of teh primary school “Hamdija Kreševljaković” Kakanj and professors in the gymnasium „Muhsin Rizvić” Kakanj, 8.6.2017.

Objective of the workshop was to educate about and affirm the concept of sex, gender, gender roles and identity, stereotypes and prejudices and gender violence from the aspect of the transactional analysis (TA) theory. Further, the objective was to affirm that through cognition and personal development one can find ways to introduce education on non-violence in everyday work with children, i.e. to proposing  strategies of gender violence prevention in classes.

Project “Children’s Creative Center – A Place for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence” supported by the IN Foundation – Foundation for the Promotion of the Inclusion of Children and Youth in BiH

Trainer: Vildana Neimarlija, professor of pedagogy and psychology, and psychotherapist TA