Gymnasium “Muhsin Rizvić” Kakanj
Project: „Creative center – the place for prevention of gender violence “
report from the workshop for adolescents (Gymnasium students)
The 90-minute workshop was held on 19 December 2017 in the facilities of the Gymnasium „Muhsin Rizvić“ Kakanj.

Trainer: Vildana Neimarlija, professor of pedagogy and psychology, and psychotherapist TA p.s.

The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness about gender equality in professional and private life and awareness about respecting other people, to demonstrate how to recognize differences between prejudices and facts as well as to develop communication skills and skills of expressing one´s own opinion and accepting that of others. Review of the workshop and conclusions at the end of the workshop showed that the objectives were fully achieved.

The workshop was based on the analysis of gender stereotypes – statements characteristic for gender inequality in our community. These were outlined on the work sheet “Household or carrier” that participants analyzed in groups, discussed, gave their opinion on each stereotype and agreed their stands first in small groups and later in large ones.

Great importance of the workshop was that it helped young people realize that it is their responsibility as to how we will fight in the future and act preventively for the life without gender stereotypes, prejudices and gender violence.