Project:  Children´s creative center – the place for prevention of gender violence 
Kakanj, 20.02.2016.

First part of the workshop is combination of educational exercises focused on identifying positive and negative characteristics of boys and girls, creative work with paper (creation on paper of characters from cartoons, fairy tales and stories for children, role playing of boys and girls in various situations using lists of their positive characteristics that the participants previously drew up.

The second part is dedicated to acting and expression through gesticulation and body movement. This also included exercises using a fictional language accompanied with lots of laughter, playing and following various roles on the scene. Two participants, Melika and Ena, who attend the school of acting, demonstrated to others their acting capabilities.
This workshop, like any other in the Creative center, contained exercises focused on trust building and non-violent conflict solving. Participants are encouraged to be creative and the workshops are designed so as to improve participants´ communication and presentation skills, team work capabilities, friendship and mutual support and solidarity.

Trainers: Naida Bukvić, Mirza Bajramović and Maksuma Topalović