Creative center. the place for prevention of gender violence, the place where we hang out together, have fun and learn, the place where we are each other´s support. And we are all important. Some are good mathematicians, others are not; some are sport types, others are not; some among us are funny and make other people laugh, we are sweet and pretty, or not, it does not matter, because everyone of us is important.

Workshop “I am important” is one of regular workshops that we conduct in the Youth center every second Saturday. Workshops are conducted by NGO “Alternative” within project “Creative center – the place for prevention of gender violence”. The project is financed by IN Fondacija – the foundation for improving social inclusion of children and young people in BiH, Kakanj Municipality and the Ministry of culture and education of Ze-do canton.

Participants: children age 2-12

Trainers: Naida Bukvić and Maksuma Topalović