Kraljeva Sutjeska, 5/16/2015.


The children were thrilled to hear the stories about the Queen Katarina and were literally swallowing the words describing the Queen. They already knew a lot about her, but this was an opportunity to repeat what they knew or obtain new information. Being at Grgurevo, we enjoyed the fact that we found ourselves at a historic place where during the medieval BiH some important state documents were created. With great interest, the children read memorial plaques dedicated to the construction of the ruler´s castle, ban Stjepan II Kotromanić and king Tvrtko. From here we made our way to the partisan’s graveyard. “There will come new youth and bring better days, continue with our unsung songs forged in the living fire” stands engraved on the graveyard´s memorial plaque. After a short pause we visited other sights, namely the Dusper house (original Bosnian house from XVIII century) and the mosque constructed on the order of the Sultan Mehmed el Fatih. We did not stay long at either of these places, but long enough for children to get the most important information. As soon as we reached the excursion site, our little company was all over it. Playing, questions and running followed each other. Some did however find the time to read a story, take a rest in the grass or enjoy in their private games, walks… It was one successful and joyful excursion realized within the program of small creative workshops that was financed by Kakanj Municipality and the Ministry of education and culture of Ze-do canton.

Particiopants: Azra J., Berin, Una, Lejla, Azra T., Enhar, Alma, Emina, Nadja, Fatih, Melika, Ema and Amer .  Excursion leaders: Alisa, Ajiša,  Naida, i Maksuma