Kraljeva Sutjeska, 13.5.2017.


NGO “Alternative” Kakanj and UŽOK (the women´s association of Kakanj Municipality) were again together in the action of cleaning the memorial site – “Partisan´s cemetery” in Kraljeva Sutjeska. It was continuation of the last year´s action in which we cleaned and painted the fence and planted roses in one of two designated green areas. The action was preceded by cutting the grass, trimming the bushes and removing the moss. This year´s activities were realized within the municipal action “Let´s clean Kakanj in one day” and we continued with painting the fence, trimming the bushes, removing the moss, cutting the grass and collecting waste. We are particularly proud of the work we did on removing the weed between tiles and around the monument and putting decorative white gravel which in addition to improving the esthetics should also slow down the weed growth. Coordinators of the action from NGO “Alternative” in cooperation with UŽOK were satisfied with the effort and result of the action and thanked everyone who supported it. The action was supported by; the Planning and construction institute of Kakanj Municipality and JP Vodokom Kakanj, as well as individuals such as Dino Mimić i Selvedina Dinka Goga.