Motel “Tiron” Kakanj, 12/16/2014.

We have to take initiative into our hands and to wait for others to solve problems regarding hygiene, health and other aspects of the quality of water as an important precondition for our health. This refers to all key stakeholders at local level, from beneficiaries to decision makers and policy creators.

The Lipnica water supply in the local community Bukovlje is the proof that the current practice of water supply management can and should be changed. The locals, who constructed the water supply network with their own funds, have established the water supply management structures (the Committee and the Beneficiaries ‘Assembly). The Water supply management regulation has been adopted and all beneficiaries have signed the Water supply contract which clearly states their rights and responsibilities. The regulations clearly outline the method and responsibility of water supply protection. This example of good practice was supported by the project “Responsible management of water supply system” which NGO “Alternative” implemented in Kakanj. The manual for management, maintenance and protection of rural water supply systems was also created through the project. The Manual outlines, in simplified form, the procedures of water supply system construction and legalization, and it also contain the maintenance regulations for Lipnica water supply as an example of good practice which can be applied to other rural water supply systems. This was exactly one of the reasons why municipal representatives and NGO “Alternative” members met at a joint meeting – to promote the Manual and agree upon the continuation of the cooperation in the process of legalization and protection of all water supply systems in Kakanj. Domestic legislature obliges us to do so, while well regulated water supply brings us a step closer to the EU standards regarding water protection. Kakanj Municipality recognizes the importance of addressing this problem and continues with some of started initiatives in cooperation with NGO “Alternative” Kakanj. The concrete steps will be soon defined using the input from the Local communities´ councils.

The project “Responsible management of water supply systems” is financed by EU IPA CSF, through the project of the Advocacy NGOs Network for sustainable use of energy and natural resources in the Western Balkans and Turkey – ETNAR (energy, transport and natural Resources). The project is co-financed by Kakanj Cement Heidelberg Group – the cement factory in Kakanj.